Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shopping with Action Jackson

So, I have to say upfront that I'm really excited about this new segment, and I hope to turn it into a regular weekly post. Anywho, my roomie and I had been discussing new ways that I could spice up my blog, and we somehow came up with this idea. For "Shopping with Action Jackson", I'll be choosing about 9 or 10 finds that I come across on Etsy that all fall under a particular theme. This week's theme, which is pretty fitting (see July 24th post), is art deco. I decided since my new "line" will be directly inspired by the game, Bioshock, as well as retro and art deco styles in general, why not make it the first theme for SwAJ?

As a reformed shopaholic (reformed by money, not by choice), this will be a real treat for me and will enable me to window shop to my heart's content. On the flip side, it'll be an easy way for everyone who checks out the blog to see great finds they might not have seen on their own. So, in a way, it's like I'm a personal shopper free of charge. If you have any suggestions for future posts of this segment, just send me a message or make a post! The item names are listed followed by the Etsy seller/shop names. Enjoy.

Featured Below (left to right, up to down)

Vintage Glamour Girl Head Vase (calloohcallay)
1940s Vintage Gold Mesh Evening Bag (anothertimeantiques)
Apple Fruit Crate Label in Art Deco Style (LABELSTONE)
Bioshock Retro Earrings (EstelleDeParis)
Bella Vintage Damask Black and White Full Apron (Boojiboo)
Big Daddy Painting (luckycreature)
Explore Deco Poster (Laceybabe)
1940s Style Black and White Sateen Pleat Sleeve Dress (DavidJosephDesigns)
Vintage 1920s Rawleigh Spice Tin- Mustard (DontTellMama)
Art Deco Nude Lade Lamp (RomanceCatsAndWhimsy)

Action Jackson out.


Susan (Callooh Callay) said...

Some amazing finds here--one of my favorite eras! Thanks so much for featuring my head vase.


rama2061darlene said...

Great idea for a blog -- I like it. Thank you so much for featuring my art deco lamp!


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