Monday, July 25, 2011

A Few Lovely Things...

I was featured in an all laser cut acrylic Technicolor Treasury today, and it inspired me to check out the new laser cut acrylic jewelry on Etsy. Here are a few lovely finds my search brought up:

Pink Nude Butterflies Necklace (and earrings) by indomina, $22.00

Silver Acrylic Bunny Connector Necklace by imyourpresent, $12.00

Victorian Cameo Necklace (black or ivory) by sarahkeyes, $28.00

Laser Cut Acrylic Antler Brooch by MishMc, $29.00

So, what are your new favorite laser cut finds?

Action Jackson out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Want it, Need it: Scalloped Shorts

Every season, I find there's at least one elusive fashion trend that I fixate on and cannot find until months (or sometimes years) later when I either a) lose interest b) find out everyone else has one at that point or c) both. This summer, I think scalloped (hem) shorts will fill that place in my heart. I don't mean to pull the Goldilocks card, but none of the pairs I've seen online have been exactly what I wanted. I'm also somewhat pessimistic that they would look flattering on me.

If I was a more skilled sewer, I would consider making my own pair. Craft even has a tutorial on creating ombre scalloped shorts from a pair of jeans (though I'm not sold on the denim look).

These are the pairs I've found so far:

Chic Shenanigans Shorts on ModCloth, $62.99

Scalloped Hem Shorts on ASOS, $51.72

Scalloped Shorts with Removable Peplum Skirt,, $150.00

So far, I haven't found a color/style/price combination that I like for any one pair of shorts. If I find the inspiration to hunt down a pair in person and shed any guilty feelings about buying clothing prior to my New York move, I'll set aside a day for sifting through Austin boutiques. If anyone wants to point me in the right direction, feel free to do so. Also, let me know what summer fashion trends strike your fancy.

Action Jackson out.
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