Monday, August 31, 2009

Shopping with Action Jackson- Geeky Chic

My goodness! It has certainly been too long since my last post! Still trying to find a balance between work, guitar, and jewelry...and maybe eventually exercise and studying for the GRE? Then, of course, there's finding time to do none of that and just have fun. Before I get to the good stuff, I'd just like to remind everyone of a few upcoming shows that Diamonds and Guns will be at, which I mentioned in the last post:
- Fantasy Realized Craft Exhibition @ Elysium (705 Red River): 7:30pm-11pm on September 3rd
-We Make Stuff @ The Scoot Inn: 7pm-12am on September 19th

I'm also proud to announce that I will be participating in E.A.S.T. in November. More details to come soon on that!

And now, for the meat and potatoes (or tofu and potatoes if you're vegan) of this post. I'm very much inspired by the back to school spirit that this time of the year brings. Fall means cooler weather (about 5 degrees difference from summer for us Texas folk), demure fashion, foliage (again Texas will have this eventually, we just take a little longer than everyone else), and a certain re-focusing on (for many, at least) learning. Being a real book worm, I'm no stranger to this last mark of fall. To honor this time of year, a renewed dedication to learning, all you smarties out there, and anyone who's already got this style goin on (weezer glasses, argyle, nerdy and sometimes esoteric witty t-shirts), I give you Shopping with Action Jackson: Geeky Chic. Enjoy.

Shops and Items featured are listed left to right, descending down:
-ModelCitizen: Hot Pink Future Nobel Laureate Earrings ($12.00)
-Cotylee: Green Argyle Mini Dress ($65.00)
-LucyBlueStudio: Gears Steam Punk Belt Buckle ($35.00)
-PigseyArt: Zombie Jesus Journal ($12.00)
-DiffractionFiber: Ctrl Alt Del Three Pillow Set ($58.00)
-Vintage50sEyewear: Vintage 50s Rhinestones Black Cat Eye Frame ($65.00)
-RobotBaby: Sushi Flash 2-2gb ($20.00)
-Mehran: Backpack in pink and brown ($77.00)

Action Jackson out.

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