Monday, August 31, 2009

Shopping with Action Jackson- Geeky Chic

My goodness! It has certainly been too long since my last post! Still trying to find a balance between work, guitar, and jewelry...and maybe eventually exercise and studying for the GRE? Then, of course, there's finding time to do none of that and just have fun. Before I get to the good stuff, I'd just like to remind everyone of a few upcoming shows that Diamonds and Guns will be at, which I mentioned in the last post:
- Fantasy Realized Craft Exhibition @ Elysium (705 Red River): 7:30pm-11pm on September 3rd
-We Make Stuff @ The Scoot Inn: 7pm-12am on September 19th

I'm also proud to announce that I will be participating in E.A.S.T. in November. More details to come soon on that!

And now, for the meat and potatoes (or tofu and potatoes if you're vegan) of this post. I'm very much inspired by the back to school spirit that this time of the year brings. Fall means cooler weather (about 5 degrees difference from summer for us Texas folk), demure fashion, foliage (again Texas will have this eventually, we just take a little longer than everyone else), and a certain re-focusing on (for many, at least) learning. Being a real book worm, I'm no stranger to this last mark of fall. To honor this time of year, a renewed dedication to learning, all you smarties out there, and anyone who's already got this style goin on (weezer glasses, argyle, nerdy and sometimes esoteric witty t-shirts), I give you Shopping with Action Jackson: Geeky Chic. Enjoy.

Shops and Items featured are listed left to right, descending down:
-ModelCitizen: Hot Pink Future Nobel Laureate Earrings ($12.00)
-Cotylee: Green Argyle Mini Dress ($65.00)
-LucyBlueStudio: Gears Steam Punk Belt Buckle ($35.00)
-PigseyArt: Zombie Jesus Journal ($12.00)
-DiffractionFiber: Ctrl Alt Del Three Pillow Set ($58.00)
-Vintage50sEyewear: Vintage 50s Rhinestones Black Cat Eye Frame ($65.00)
-RobotBaby: Sushi Flash 2-2gb ($20.00)
-Mehran: Backpack in pink and brown ($77.00)

Action Jackson out.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to School

Even though I'm not in school anymore (*tear*), I still find there are a million things around this time of the year that remind me school's back in session. It could have something to do with the fact that at least 1/10 of Austin's population are college students, the fact that I work on a college campus, seeing my facebook teacher friends lamenting the end of summer, or the frequent Tax Free Weekend reminders (for everyone wondering, it's this weekend). I always kinda love this time of the year because it means cooler weather (eventually anyway) and a new start. Even if you're not in school, I think you still get a sense of this; I do anyway. Maybe it's just the vibe that's in the air or it could be some osmosis-like phenomenon that happens when we are on a city bus that is seemingly overnight filled with students.

Regardless, I love this time of the year. I love fall. For me, part of the "fresh start" comes from the fact that for the past five years, I've moved into a new home each year. My roomie and I just moved this past weekend and are now in the heart of Hyde Park. Almost everything is out of boxes, but I feel like I'm in a weird limbo of "this doesn't feel like a home, just a very cool place I happen to wake up in every day". In a way, it's kind of a good thing because it means I feel recharged even though I'm exhausted and that I feel brave enough (and not content enough) to push myself, if that all makes sense.

And of course, from new beginnings come new opportunities. What does that mean for yours truly and DGAJ? I recently had an interview with CheapTweet that is now posted on their website, and since then, I've had a little bit more foot traffic for my Etsy shop. Also, I have two shows coming up in September, one at Elysium (see poster to the left) on the 3rd (8pm-12am) for a night of fancy and frolic and the We Make Stuff Event at The Scoot Inn (7pm-12am) on the 19th. I'm excited to do both and see what it's like selling downtown at night at the music venues. I went to a similar event at Beauty Bar for the Aull Austin All Handmade Bash on the 31st, and it was a really great time. The atmosphere was awesome, and everyone there was having fun. Hope it will be the same for my upcoming shows! There's a few other shows that I'm contemplating participating in, but like always, it's a matter of time, energy, and money. I'll post any updates that come along. On a non-jewelry, music-related note, I'm going to push myself to practice for a few hours right after I get out of work each day during the week. This might mean I have to pack a few doubleshots to keep myself from falling asleep in a practice room when I'm trying to get a solid three hours in or something like that. I'll let y'all know how that goes as well. ;) I might also be investing in Pro Tools soon as I still have unused graduation money. Hopefully, learning it won't be too bad, though I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up a copy of the Dummy's Guide to Pro Tools.

On a semi-related note, I'm scratching my head for ideas for more SWAJ segments. The back to school happenings have inspired me to do a geeky chic theme (and to post a geeky chic pic of moi). Not sure just yet what that will encompass, but I can promise that it will be fun. After that? Maybe a Best Bags post. I feel I find so many amazing bags on Etsy and am just blown away by the innovation and craftsmanship that some of them show. Definitely something worth showing off on the ole blog.

In the meantime, Happy Friday to all! Yours truly may have to indulge the Smiths/Morrissey kick from earlier this week and go to Elysium tonight for their Smiths night. Ah! I'm in love.

Action Jackson out.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shopping with Action Jackson: Black and White

Oh my goodness! It has been entirely too long since my last post. I'm still trying to find a good balance between work, moving (it is the magical moving week for yours truly through this weekend), practicing guitar, and life. So, naturally, these fluctuations are to be expected. Anyway, I'm very excited about this week's SWAJ feature! I was so thrilled to find all of these treasures, and as you can see, the theme is black and white!

Searching for pieces for this week's post reminded me of a black and white party I hosted a few years ago. And what does that entail, you may ask? Everything, if you can believe that. Preferred attire? Black and white. Viewing entertainment? Black and white. Food? I thought you'd never ask. In retrospect, I can't recall what the menu consisted of, but I promise it wasn't just a Sam's enormo-sized case of Oreos.

There's something so undeniably classic and nostalgic about all black and white that I love and almost can't put into words how or why I love it so much. But I do. So here it is for your eyes to feast on. Thanks to all the Etsy designers who allowed me to feature their work!

Below, images are listed left to right, up to down, with the item and Etsy shop name:
-Polly Feather Fascinator (TopsyTurvyDesign)
-Coney Island 8x8 Print (EveSimone)
-Vintage Motorcycle Pillowcase Pair Black on White (BranchHandmade)
-Rose Quartz and Blue Goldstone Necklace with Rose Pendant (DevilGirlDesign)
-Moz Necklace (HeadlessTessDIY)
-Fabulous French Martini Glasses (StemmeFatale)
-Chandelier Hand Stamped Heels (Crafttastrophe)
-Chandelier Women Black Tshirt Dress (PrettyRaccoon)

Action Jackson out.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shopping with Action Jackson

So, I have to say upfront that I'm really excited about this new segment, and I hope to turn it into a regular weekly post. Anywho, my roomie and I had been discussing new ways that I could spice up my blog, and we somehow came up with this idea. For "Shopping with Action Jackson", I'll be choosing about 9 or 10 finds that I come across on Etsy that all fall under a particular theme. This week's theme, which is pretty fitting (see July 24th post), is art deco. I decided since my new "line" will be directly inspired by the game, Bioshock, as well as retro and art deco styles in general, why not make it the first theme for SwAJ?

As a reformed shopaholic (reformed by money, not by choice), this will be a real treat for me and will enable me to window shop to my heart's content. On the flip side, it'll be an easy way for everyone who checks out the blog to see great finds they might not have seen on their own. So, in a way, it's like I'm a personal shopper free of charge. If you have any suggestions for future posts of this segment, just send me a message or make a post! The item names are listed followed by the Etsy seller/shop names. Enjoy.

Featured Below (left to right, up to down)

Vintage Glamour Girl Head Vase (calloohcallay)
1940s Vintage Gold Mesh Evening Bag (anothertimeantiques)
Apple Fruit Crate Label in Art Deco Style (LABELSTONE)
Bioshock Retro Earrings (EstelleDeParis)
Bella Vintage Damask Black and White Full Apron (Boojiboo)
Big Daddy Painting (luckycreature)
Explore Deco Poster (Laceybabe)
1940s Style Black and White Sateen Pleat Sleeve Dress (DavidJosephDesigns)
Vintage 1920s Rawleigh Spice Tin- Mustard (DontTellMama)
Art Deco Nude Lade Lamp (RomanceCatsAndWhimsy)

Action Jackson out.
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