Friday, September 4, 2009

Bringing Out My Inner Goth

Am currently in recovery from the Fantasy Realized show last night. Doing shows immediately after a day of work really takes it out of you! I haven't sold at any events since Austin Fashion Week in mid July, so I've had enough time to forget how much prep work goes into them (which is both good and bad). Thanks to everyone who came out~Bethany, Alec, Alyssa, Madison, and Leslie. Special thanks to Bethany for making some beautiful paintings for DGAJ. I hope to post some pictures soon to give y'all eye candy; Bethany's work is awesome. On a side note, when I do post some pictures, if any loyal readers have suggestions for galleries Bethany could submit her work to, please let me know!

I haven't actually been to Elysium since I went on a whim a few years ago for their Halloween event, which was super fun by the way. After going there for the Fantasy Realized show last night, I'm starting to wonder why I haven't been going more often. The vibe of the place is really calm, and I can't remember ever feeling so relaxed at a show as I was last night. I'm sure it picks up on the busier nights when Elysium transforms into an 80s night club filled with dancing maniacs. All the same, the tunes for the night were great- I know for sure I heard some My Bloody Valentine, Smiths/Morrissey, and New Order/Joy Division somewhere in there. I had a chance to chat it up with some of the other gals who were selling there. Be sure to check out their shops; these girls have great stuff:


I also got to talk music with a few folks who came out for the night, which is (and was in the case of last night) all the better for me when I'm able to say Siamese Dream is one of my favorite albums and it doesn't invoke a rage blackout from the other person . :) All in all, I'd have to rate last night as one of my favorite shows that I've done. Good location, music, crowd, fellow vendors/artists. I'll definitely use my long weekend for making new stuff and practicing. No rest for the weary!

Action Jackson out.

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