Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Decorating - Dessert Tables

I will be hosting a small Valentine's Day get together in a few days and have been searching for decoration inspiration, especially for the dessert table (arguably the most important part). Having a delicious looking dessert table is especially important because I'm not an experienced chef/baker, so nothing will be made from scratch (and there will be lots of food right out of the box). Though my expectations at the outset of my search weren't particularly low, nothing could have prepared me for how much awesome I stumbled upon.

Printable Be Mine, Valentine Paper Goods Collection by GwynnWassonDesigns, $6.50

This shop sells really affordable printable paper goods- banners, invitations, favor goods, party circles for all occasions. The added touches for this dessert table really gives a personalized and thoughtful vibe.

I Heart Valentines Day- Coordinating Party Logos- Customized by andersruff, $18.00

Everything in this display looks edible- even the tiered boxes on the two ends that resemble cakes...they are boxes, right? This shop offers up really colorful printable sets as well as event invitations, tags, cards, etc. that are all very theme-oriented.

Another find in my search was the Amy Atlas blog. This snapshot of various display ideas is just one of (I'm guessing here) thousands you can find on her site...because she does this for a living. I'm sure all my savvy crafty friends know about her already, but her inspiration is new to me.

Another Amy Atlas master/table-piece featured on Apartment Therapy (and therein suggesting I am behind on finding out about this crafty lady). Are those tree blossoms lollipops?!

Another table-scape from the same Apartment Therapy post. Take a sweet? Okay, Amy Atlas, but only if you promise there isn't a witch and gingerbread house lurking under the table.

I'm eager to find more calorie-free eye candy on this subject and will report back with what I find. What are your favorite presentation inspirations and dessert table finds?

Action Jackson out.

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