Thursday, February 17, 2011

P.S. I Made This

Dear crafty friends and fellow diy-ers, why have you kept P.S. I Made This a secret from me for so long?

I discovered this wonderfully inspiring and simple chic blog/blogger only this week after clicking on an archive link of the always sweet Pommes Frites. At the time, I only scanned over a few posts on psimt and moved on to the next interwebs rotation item (probably checking Facebook again, knowing me). When perusing books at lunch today, I came across the book form of psimt and on a whim decided to flip through it and buy it. I can't put into words how excited I am to test out some of the featured crafts. Perhaps the fact that I've already sifted through all of the blog's posts best conveys this?

Lately, I feel I've been lacking in the inspiration and brain stimulation departments. So, I'm hoping this book will give me the extra cranial kick I need. When I'm done with it (and if I'm feeling ambitious), I might just post a book review on here. At first glance, I can say that what I like about this blog/book over other crafting spaces and publications is:

1. The majority of the pieces are modern and inspired by high fashion and classic pieces. For each craft, psimt creates and features an inspiration page (like the one above) to show this. Not only is it cohesive pairing and visually striking, it's added inspiration.

2. The methods used to create are very simple. Little to no sewing for most of the crafts, even for clothing. For someone like me who wants to love sewing so badly but has never progressed past the learning curve and thus dreads it like most people dread filing and accounting/budgeting, this is awesome.

3. I actually want to use/wear the finished products. Number one pet peeve about many crafting ideas I see out there is that they lack taste. There is a point at which kitschy becomes ugly and when you can't pass off using sticks and wood found outdoors as shabby chic decor. Psimt does not fall into this category.

I can't wait to start reading and crafting. Hopefully, I'll soon be posting about how well my creative juices are flowing. Til then...

Action Jackson out.

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