Monday, February 7, 2011

Ooh La La

As some of you know, I'm a little nutty about Valentine's Day. And not in the 'I must receive a dozen cliche red roses and a heart-shaped box of chocolates from a significant other in a very public place so that everyone can envy me' kind of way. That said, I will eat myself silly with sweets for the approximate window of February 11-15 and no, I won't turn away flowers or sweet valentine notes.

I love Valentine's Day because in school, it meant an excuse to be hopped up on sugar, exchange gifts with friends, and all but shirk learning responsibilities (because honestly, who can focus when there's giant red mylar hearts everywhere?). As I've grown older, I've maintained a deep appreciation for the February culinary delights as well as the bombardment of pink and red kitsch.

The city of Austin has given me more reason to adore this holiday. Valentine's Day means a week filled with burlesque shows and movie buff events that will even leave the 'I hate Valentine's Day'-ers smiling (and yes, I sympathize with/encourage/celebrate the anti side of 2/14 too).

First on the list is Cirque de Flirt at Emo's on Saturday, February 12th at 9pm (Tix $8 in advance or $12 at the door). The show will consist of traditional burlesque, belly dancing, fire breathing and bed 'o nails acts, and a finale fire performance. The first 69 attendees will receive goodie bags, some of which will be packed with Diamonds and Guns goodies. Our friends at Kuhmillion Lingerie will also be there with a pop-up shop, including some DGAJ fascinators and earrings! To top it off, there's a few other giveaways and contests mixed in. For more details, check out the event or visit
Cute Little Three Piece Set available through Kuhmillion Lingerie, $36.00

The second event is brought to you by Alamo Drafthouse. The Moulin Rouge Sing-Along is happening on Thursday, February 10th at 7pm. The wonderful Kuhmillion Lingerie will be there with Black Widow Burlesque showing off their wares. And did I mention rockin raffle prizes? They'll be available courtesy of Kuhmillion. A few DGAJ feather fascinators and bedazzled art deco earrings will be up for sale at the event too! So, if you're bored in line waiting for the show to start or need a last minute Valentine's gift. Never fear, Kuhmillion's here (or there, depending on how you look at it).

Hope to see lots of y'all out at these events!

Action Jackson out.


Beth H said...

Ooh La La, indeed! Can't wait for these events - it's all going to be so much fun! Thanks for sharing the deets. : )

Action Jackson said...

Anytime! It's easy to write about good times and fabulous local businesses.

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