Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

Eat your heart out, Judy Garland (and perhaps also Jim Carrey in his "classy" impression of her Oscar Awards speech). In the world of DGAJ, I've recently been working really hard in getting my foot in the door for online promo stuff, as many of you know. To my roommate's dismay, I have started a Twitter account and will try to keep that as updated as possible. On Tuesday, I started up a Flickr account, which is great because I can use their slideshow feature to post pictures of pieces that have been sold and archive them. It's awesome! Today, I listed a few bags for Etsy showcases; I really wish it could be jewelry but that sector is really saturated and it's tough to get in! I've also put in some time writing entries for the Etsy Austin blog as well as researching other people's blogs to get ideas for new articles. It's definintely time consuming, but it's fun and I keep telling myself it will pay dividends for me in the long run (hopefully!).

So, now on to the really exciting news for this post. *Drum roll* I am proud to announce that I will be participating in Austin Fashion Week! This will be an event that is widespread throughout Austin and will involve countless boutiques, salons, local designers, photographers, stylists, and models. Between now (I believe it's now; alludes to "Thursday" as being the starting day for voting) and July 18th, Austinites will be able to vote for their favorite designer participant in Austin Fashion Week. lists more details for how, where, when to vote as well as an extensive list of the particpants. Each designer is paired with a salon or boutique for which they will have a display set up from July 13-18 showcasing their best stuff. Each salon/boutique involved in Fashion Week will host a soiree cocktail event during the week to show off their place as well as the designers' work to the Austin public. The Sunday after fashion week, July 19th, there will be a hotsy totsy awards show at the Long Center (Dell Hall, 5:30-9:30pm) followed by a swanky after party at the Sky Lounge on Town Lake (9pm-12pm, almost exclusively for participants of AFW).

Here's a few more layers added to the cake. Shoppers who participate in AFW can purchase what is called a "Passport to Fashion" for $20 and receive a 10% discount at all the participating salons and boutiques during the week of July 13-18. When they make a purchase, they receive a stamp on their passport. Cute, huh? I wish I would have thought of that; puts so many clever ideas I've had to shame. The more stamps they receive on their passport, the more chances they have at winning a $5,000 shopping spree. If I wasn't participating and feeling semi-broke, I would be all over this like Louise II/Liza Minnelli on Buster Bluth (for all you Arrested Development fans paying attention). The other juicy tidbit is that the designer who is deemed best of the best by all voters will receive a prize (I'm assuming monetary, but it's not explicitly stated in the guidelines) from the sponsors of the event. The great part for you guys? You don't have to buy a passport to participate in voting and root for your favorite designer!

So, *phew!* I know that's all really long-winded, but I am beyond floored about being involved in this. I'll be meeting with a gal at Urban Betty tomorrow to hammer out details for our AFW event. I don't know any details except that it will be a nighttime event that will jointly promote Urban Betty and yours truly. More details soon! I will be sure to take pictures along the way for this exciting development, both for AFW and soiree alike. On a side note, though it's in no way a side note for me, one the of the Etsy Austin gals, Beth Albrect of Paired Hearts, drew up some new business cards for me! They look absolutely stellar and I'm so thrilled that I will have them in time for AFW as well as any wholesale/consignment opportunitites I pursue.

What does all this mean for DGAJ? I will be revvin things up so that I can really put out my very best for AFW. My most recent Facebook photo album is even aptly named, Diamonds and Guns: Bringin in the Big Guns. So, stay tuned and hopefully I will have nothing but exciting progressions for you all along the way.

Action Jackson out.

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