Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tasteful Americana

July 4th is coming up, and despite the annual Austin Symphony concert and fireworks cancellation, I'm excited. Don't look at me like that. I know this holiday gets a bad wrap for being tacky (search '4th decor' on Etsy and tell me I'm wrong) and characterized by a misguided notion of what defines patriotism (and no, it's not being pro-war and it's not wearing those terrible excuses for clothing that Old Navy passes off as acceptable $5 t-shirt attire).

I think this holiday, like most others, is worth getting excited about because it gives us an excuse to indulge in foods we don't normally eat and get together with friends (not that you should need an excuse for either, but a nudge in the right direction never hurts). And, it doesn't need to be celebrated in a tacky manner. To prove this, here are a few awesome finds from Etsy:

Swim Dandy Swimsuit by FablesbyBarrie, $106.00

I am in love with this as well as the Sailor Swimsuit. This piece is so cute that you definitely aren't limited to wearing it just on the 4th. The model this shop uses for pics is awesome too.

Beach Breezes Lighting by BootsNGus, $185.00

Since Austin has a fire ban in effect, I think mason jar lighting and strings of white lights are a good substitute for fireworks as a way to illuminate nighttime celebrations.

50 Aqua Barber Striped Straws by isakayboutique, $7.98

I always see these straws on fancy event planning websites and love the sweet retro feel they add. These come with free blank paper flags too!

4th of July Star Sparklers Cupcake Toppers by TwoSugarBabies, $15.00

In case you're wondering, these "sparklers" are edible. Amidst all the bad cupcake decor on Etsy, these cute and playful fondant pieces really stood out.

So, what are your favorite Fourth finds on Etsy? Do you plan on going to the lake, spending all day outside, or hitting up the Tiniest Bar in Texas Vegan Hot Dog Eating Contest?

Action Jackson out.

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