Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keep Warm, Stay Crafty!

Brrrr. It's officially cold in Austin (as if it hasn't been off and on for the past few weeks/months); I'm taking the liberty of declaring it so because it snowed today at home and work for me...oh, and because work is opening a few hours late tomorrow. With the arctic winds set to full blast and me being on my third sick stint (yep, third) in less than two months, I'm not taking any chances. The heater is on and I'm only venturing outside for work and emergency trips at the convenience store (hot cocoa, etc.). This, of course, allows me more time to do a few things: read, watch everything on Netflix instant/Amazon Video on Demand that I instantaneously want to veg to, and craft.

For starters, I whipped up some bejeweled feather clips and bling earrings for The WonderCraft's Grand Opening Party, which is going on this Thursday at The Art Pad from 6-9pm. The Cupcake Bar, Blue Note Bakery, and Apothecary Cafe and Wine Bar will be providing the delish dishes, the WC ladies will be teaching screenprinting and embroidery mini-classes, and a few of the lovely Etsy Austin ladies will be selling their fabulous wares all night. And, if you're in the market for some DGAJ gems, don't fret! There are several crystal-encrusted Diamonds and Guns pieces available in The Wondercraft's boutique airstream trailer! Also, be sure to get there early so you can snag one of the goody bags (and subsequently a DGAJ feather clip or bling earrings) reserved for the first 25 attendees.

Stay tuned for more ways to keep warm and crafty (and reading) with DGAJ!

~Action Jackson out.

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