Friday, October 29, 2010

Viva La Vida 2010

For those of you who missed Viva la Vida Fest 2010 sponsored by Austin's Mexic-Arte Museum, first, you should feel very despondent because you missed a good time that you won't be able to get in on it for another year. Second, my friend Kim of Devilgirl Design took some amazing shots for me to use here (I was busy holding down the fort and (wo)manning the booths during the day. Plus, she likes taking pictures more than I do.
I spent the better part of last Saturday (12pm-11pm, no joke) vending with my favorite crafty pals, Devilgirl Design and Sweet Wolf. Leading up to the event, we had all been fiercely working to churn out new pieces just in time (and appropriately themed) for VLVF. Here's what they cooked up, respectively:From the workbench of Devilgirl Design: hearts, stars, pistols, and skulls a plenty. I'm in love.
A sample set of collage matchboxes from Sweet Wolf. Her ENTIRE stock was new, and it all sold like hot cakes. Now you have pictorial proof of why that is.

As for my new stock, I still have yet to take pictures... (oops!) because I took the GRE on Tuesday. Woohoo! For anyone wondering, I already know my score since I took it on the computer and feel like it's pretty darned respectable. However, I still have most of the new stuff and plan to post pictures this weekend or the start of next week to show some Halloween love DGAJ style. A few new skull pieces, rings, rib cage necklaces (get excited), feather fascinators, and vampire teeth necklaces are all in the mix. Like many Oscar acceptance speakers, I'm sure I'm leaving someone/thing out, but there will be pictures to make up for it.
So what can you expect from VLVF if you decide to go? Lots of delicious food- sweet bread (FTW!), tacos, tamales, beautiful paper mache parade pieces, sculptures, altars, sugar skulls, a massive and awesome parade that takes up a big part of Congress and probably pisses off Austin drivers, and a nonstop crowd (I mean crowd in a good way) of people decked out in DDLM garb head to toe. If you stop by our booth, you can expect great handmade work accompanied by lovingly snarkalicious retorts at one another, unless you want in on that too. The bands aren't half bad either-there were a few punky starters and one that Kim said sounded like Jefferson Airplane, but I guess you'll need to go to find out for yourself.

Action Jackson out.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Treats

While I love a healthy dose of gothy style year-round, I equally relish seeing everyone else getting into the aesthetic as well as the Halloween & Day of the Dead spirit this month. A few standby designer favorites, Betsey Johnson and Tarina Tarantino, are plunging in head first and have whipped up some delish treats. Enjoy!
Betsey Johnson Black Cat Earrings

Betsey Johnson 'Lip Charm' Necklace
Betsey Johnson 'Love Bites' Cuff

Tarina Tarantino Sugar Skull Drop Earrings

Tarina Tarantino Electric Aztec Crystal Horned Headband

Action Jackson out.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Emerging from the Depths...

Yikes! I haven't posted on this thing in almost two months. No worries; I have as many excuses as I have pairs of shoes in my closet...Hold on, I'm counting. Regardless, it's been too long. Since my last post, Austin Fashion Week has come and gone. In case you missed it, the event went as smoothly as I could have asked for and my jewelry was really well received by the soiree attendees and JR Salon clients alike.
Immediately following AFW, I went on a much needed (I can't emphasize either part of that enough) family vacation to England and had a *splendid* time. For my Facebook friends, there's a thorough snapshot chronicle that I uploaded-all the obligatory shots you've already seen in books but are somehow still intrigued by and more English ceilings than you ever thought you wanted to see.

Post vacation/jet lag catch-up week, I wasted no time and jumped right into studying for the GRE and applying for grad school. No, there are no pictures of this, and seriously, would you really want to see them if there were? So, I'm still waist deep in all of that and hope to make new jewelry for my two upcoming shows which I'll talk about in my next post...which won't be two months from now.

Action Jackson out.
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