Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shopping with Action Jackson: Goin to the Chapel

Made to order raw silk wedding dress by Kcoline.

This weekend, Alec and I went to Fort Worth for one of his high school friend's weddings. I didn't take any pictures (I know, I know. Slap my wrist), but I was inspired to bring back the "Shopping with AJ" feature with some fun Etsy wedding finds. While I don't see myself getting married before 30 (by choice, and yes, this is my magic number) and even though I don't like weddings, I frequently think about the details that would go into my own. That is, of course, assuming I don't just go the route of officiating a certificate in a judge's chambers, which is still a strong possibility. All the same, when I see unique wedding finds such as these, I feel the itch to have my own wedding.
Custom Hand Sculpted & Painted Owls Wedding Cake Topper by RedLightStudio

For anyone who's been, you know that FW takes a certain kind of person to appreciate its character. And if you don't happen to be one of those people, it's the kind of city where you have to make your own fun. Overall, it definitely wasn't a boring weekend, and we held our own as far as the funfaring expeditions went.

Peacock Place Cards by TimelessPaper

On Friday, we headed over to a hotsy totsy restaurant, The Vault, for a rehearsal dinner after party. We ducked out a little early but weren't ready to turn in immediately post party. So, we made our next stop a dive I'd heard people raving about, Lola's. For anyone interested in finding said dive, know this: there are two locations.

5 for the Bridesmaids Petite Paon Peacock Clips by BridalShoppe

I guess I didn't bother to check since I've never heard of a local chain bar. The location we went to was in The Stockyards part of town. Prior to this, I'd never been to FW's honky tonk saloon Disneyland. To say it was a trip to see would be an understatement. We braved it all the same, but now I know for next time that we'll want to head downtown. :)

Celia Champagne Ivory and Gold Bridal Headband by hemsandbustles

Saturday was the day of the wedding (and catching some much needed Z's), so we didn't have time for too much else. However, pre-wedding, we went out to dinner with Alec's parents to a spiffy little restaurant, Ellerbe's, that I really liked. The menu was a little pricey, but I dig the restaurant's concept of using local seasonal products to comprise their menu.

14K Rose Gold Beaded Ring with Diamond by kateszabone

After dinner, we zipped over to Art111, the contemporary art museum that hosted the wedding. The museum was totally rad and the reception provided tasty hors d'oeuvres and an open bar, so I was a happy camper even though I don't really care for weddings. To top off the night (post-wedding), Alec and I checked out a few viking metal bands at The Ridglea, Fort Worth's Emo's. Sunday was a wake up late and drive back to Austin day, so not much to tell there. However, I will be going back to Fort Worth at the end of the month for another wedding and am interested if anyone can recommend any fun side stops that I'm missing.

Action Jackson out.
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